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SnapVDI SCO315OT Thin Client

Micronova Introduces the SnapVDI SC03150T Thin Client by partnering with AmZetta and comes with VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft support. The device also has cloud integration and robust software required for connecting into VDI.

SnapVDI is a computing solution designed to deliver the best user experience and management in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) for different sizes and workloads. It has both the hardware and software required to deliver top performance and provides end-to-end security measures to eliminate cyber threats while protecting data. The device has the ability to scale from 25 users to thousands and boot hundred of desktops within seconds.

The infrastructure required to implement a VDI device is very minimal and is proven to easily operate in a 1GB network.

The SnapVDI SC03150T has a SnapVDI Client Manager (SCM) management software that enables its user to manage all clients with the help of a user-friendly interface. Multiple functionalities such as USB port-locking and a Kensington lock for ultimate protection is enabled to provide protection against external and internal threats.


SnapVDI SC03150T Thin Client Quick Specs

The SnapVDi SC03150T is eco-friendly, uses less power consumption, secured, and has a user-friendly interface that can equal a virtual experience similar to that of a desktop. Multiple features such as faster boot-up time, simple UI, along with the SCM (SnapClient Manager) offer advanced security through USB locking and user profiles.

Performance 4 core processor, 4GB RAM, and 16GB SSD storage with Radeon HD 8250 graphics.

SimpleControl and lock USB ports, rollout mass software updates with just a few clicks, and manage the client deployment from a single interface.

Versatile Supports primary VDI protocols from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, along with Teradici support for cloud integration.

Scalable Implement and control small scale test environments to corporate-wide installations and integrate at your required pace.

So how does SnapVDI work?

SnapVDI is a computing solution that can scale from 25 users to thousands. SnapVDI comes as a “Ready-to-Deploy” solution and is fast and easy to implement which makes it distinct from other VDI component-based products.

SnapVDI was designed to enhance the latest virtual desktop technologies while considering to secure data along with measures to eliminate cyber threats.

The deployment of many multi-vendors virtual desktops malfunction or crash due to the intricacy and high-cost of the project. Most of the clients have shared their craving for VDI. However, they also shared their concerns over the barriers they have encountered during the past VDI assessments.

SnapVDI addresses all these concerns through VDI solutions from an individual vendor that guarantees ultimate user experience, enhanced data security, and a streamlined technical support process.

Centralized Management

SnapVDI Manager (SVM) is an all in one management software that is equipped to manage the whole VDI environment. With SVM in place, administrators can observe, direct and protect every VDI user from within the SVM interface – including VM pool creation, provisioning, management of users, storage, deletion, modification, and inventory – all from a single interface. SnapVDI manager is used by administrators to develop a cloud environment subsequently increasing the utility and cost-effectiveness of the total SnapVDI arrangement.

Simple, Unified Management

Complete VM Management

Simple Management of Patches, Updates, and Upgrades

Cluster & Storage Management

Infrastructure - Deep infrastructure management tools

Template Creation and Deployment

Client Management

Logging & Alerts



What is a VDI Machine and How does it work?

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a technology that is used to create a virtual desktop environment on a remote server setup. VDI segments the servers into multiple virtual desktops allowing users to remotely access the data through their devices. Management software is used to control Virtual Machines where the virtual desktops are hosted.

Why VDI Solution?

VDI solutions offer organizations a number of benefits. Desktop computing happens on the host server instead of the endpoint devices allowing users to invest less in endpoint devices. VDI Solution offers its user remote access even from their mobile devices.

Where are VDI files Stored?

VDI files are stored in the default location in VM files or Virtual Box. For users storing in different drives, an identical folder can be created.

What are the benefits of VDI?

There are multiple benefits of VDI that help the computing environment to improve the way of carrying our business. The major benefits of VDI include:
• Manageability, flexibility and accessibility
• Improved user experience, enhanced security and increased productivity
• Saves energy, costs and resources

How is VDI Implemented?

The successful VDI implementation includes the following steps
• Understanding the business infrastructure
• Determining the Desktop User Environment
• Access the physical Desktop Environment
• Examining the solution options
• Creating a framework for pilot implementation on a subset of users
• Implementing and Managing VDI