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Secure Internet Pipe with PRI/ SIP Trunk lines: Internet Leased Line Bundle

Constantly evolving threats have made every business using the internet vulnerable to cyber attacks. The serious cyber threats of all – DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks can create potential damage to a business by causing downtime and financial losses. Secure Internet Pipe by Micronova has the capability to detect DDoS at the initial stages before reaching the network. Our solution is designed to safeguard your business against cyberattacks and ensure business continuity. 

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What is Secure Internet Pipe Technology

A Secure Internet Pipe is an internet solution that blocks network flood attack traffic before it infiltrates the organization’s network and causes great damage. The solution filters out the bad traffic and allows only legitimate traffic to flow into the server. Micronova’s new Internet Leased Line bundle services provide Secure Internet Pipe with PRI lines to help businesses reduce capital expenditure, experience enhanced security, improved connectivity, and more. 

Benefits of ILL with Secure Internet Pipe 

  • Network-based UTM device to filter malicious internet traffic 
  • No need to invest in additional security such as a firewall 
  • Reduce management and maintenance costs
  • SLA-based agreements

What is a PRI Line 

PRI / Primary Interface line is a telephone line that uses the PRI standard in telecommunications. 

Benefits PRI Lines for business communication 

PRI lines are a reliable and sensible choice for businesses that cannot yet invest in voice communication infrastructure based on IP data connectivity. Usually, these PRI Lines consist of 30 channels on a single link that can be scaled up in multiples of 30 with each new link. 

PRI Lines offers the below benefits for your business:

  • Clear digital voice
  • Pooled billing and cost-saving
  • Direct inward calling
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Multiple communication features
  • Security

What is a SIP Trunk Line

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a process used to make phone calls online instead of traditional phone lines. SIP trunk lines use an existing PBX (Private Bank Exchange) system connected to the cloud to establish outbound and inbound calls. 

Routing calls online over physical lines can help you reach customers around the world seamlessly. 

Benefits of SIP Trunk Lines 

Once a company starts growing, the need for additional phone lines increases substantially. SIP lines provide you with the flexibility, scalability, and affordability that is not a viable option on old telephone systems. 

Reduces costs

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls are mostly covered in the monthly subscription
  • Better rates especially for international calls
  • Free calls between VOIP system-enabled premises. Great for multi-national offices
  • Purchases channels or add new lines as per your business needs and requirements 
  • Easy implementation over the cloud via WAN and as part of unified communications (UC) platform


  • Allows for the integration of hybrid phone systems such as SIP trunking alongside traditional phone service


  • SIP trunks depend on broadband connections instead of managed PSTN infrastructure to allow SIP trunking providers to enter geographic locations where they don’t own or control the infrastructure. SIP trunking offers failover to mobile phones at times of loss of data connectivity
  • Suitable for companies with multi-site and remote workers
  • SIP trunking and VoIP improve data redundancy

Other Benefits 

  • It can be used in conjunction with multi-media communications services to provide unified communication capabilities such as video, instant messaging, conferencing, and presence
  • Access to an admin portal is usually included for easy management.
  • It may have a mobile-first design or at the very least include mobile features.
  • Likely has business continuity features.

Secure Internet Pipe with PRI Lines by Micronova

Micronova is offering Internet Leased lines with PRI/SIP Trunk lines to benefit small and medium-sized businesses. Our ILL with PRI features include:

  • Data + Voice for enterprise business communication
  • Delivering PRI/SIP lines in association with Major Telecom Providers
  • Customized channels available 

Why Micronova for Internet Leased Lines? 

For the first time in the industry, we are offering 

  • Secure Internet with customized bandwidth is provided to the endpoints 
  • We are offering Voice Services for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses. 

With 39 years of excellence in serving customers, we have amassed a premium client base with varying verticals such as IT-ITeS, Manufacturing, Pharma, Education, E-commerce, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, and more. 
It’s time to step up your business internet game to a new level with Micronova. Reach out to us at or +91 8147090194 for expert assistance.

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