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SD-WAN Benefits and Architecture

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Networks are generally used by companies when they want to extend their networks over a large geographical area. At times of expanding to even larger areas and multiple carriers, they face operational challenges.

At times like this, an SD-WAN (Software-defined wide area network) helps companies to overcome these challenges by allowing the separation of network hardware from its control mechanism.

The enterprise requirement is ever-changing. Companies nowadays require access to hybrid cloud applications, high-quality bandwidth, SD-WAN applications, and so on to keep the process hassle-free.

SD-WAN provides a complete solution to digital enterprises by providing high-speed and secure usage of enterprise applications hosted in a hybrid cloud. This in turn increases the quality of experience for the end-users as the connection is well established between the Network, Devices, and Cloud.

SD-WAN Benefits

The benefits of SD-WAN include cost reduction, enhanced performance, and is quick to deploy when compared to traditional WAN’s. With the introduction of public cloud computing, the traditional enterprise WAN architectures have become sub-optimal in terms of both price and performance.

Below are the other important benefits of having SD-WAN

  • They provide a simple way to deploy and manage remote and branch office connectivity that too in a cost-effective way.
  • SD-WAN allows businesses to adapt to a new transport mechanism as they become available and are not restricted by any vendor or WAN technologies. With SD-WAN, it is easy to various transports into the mix and manages them as an individual fabric as these connections are transport agnostic and are contrary to older WAN solutions.
  • WAN optimization is based on policies by dynamically choosing the correct paths for traffic which is complex with traditional hardware. These policies are created using business language and designated allowed paths for specific users, applications, or for SLA customers.
  • SD-WAN supports any mode of internet connectivity. Like ILL, Broadband, 4G dongle
  • It provides 99.9% uptime for server access.

SD-WAN Architecture

  • Secure, flexible, and virtual WAN overlay
  • Supports multiple WAN links and also includes lower-cost internet links
  • Includes a centralized controller that can manage, report, and control policy
  • Includes branch office simplification abilities along with ZTP (zero-touch provisioning)
  • Superior access to cloud and SaaS
  • Choice of physical or virtual appliances

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