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Internet Leased Lines (ILL): Secured Connectivity & Improved Productivity


A Leased Line is a private network established between two points. Internet Leased Lines are the dedicated private networks established between two points, an ISP and the customer points, used to provide internet access to the customer end. Internet Leased Line (ILL) is mainly used by businesses or enterprises with its presence in multiple geographic locations that need a secured & reliable network for exchanging data quickly.

A prominent e-commerce company utilized Micronova internet leased line services. The company was provided with an internet leased line at 6 project sites. Out of that, 2 project sites use 10Mbps and the other 4 sites use 6Mbps bandwidth.Many top internet providers competed with Micronova, but the reliability and deliverability of Micronova helped to grab the opportunity and provide the best service.

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    Internet Leased Lines (ILL): Secured Connectivity & Improved Productivity



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