Micronova Smart Office Solution

Micronova Smart Office Solution


Deploy smart solutions to manage disparate technologies and services at branch offices

Micronova provides flexible and scalable services to meet the needs of branch offices that unlock new levels of business productivity and end-user experience. Our smartOffice solution reduces IT complexity across the following disparate layers, technologies and services:

• Integration by collapsing routers, UTM, firewalls, MPLS and Internet to a aggregator managed appliance
• Branch Networks by using a single cloud-based platform to manage wired and wireless networks
• Branch IT by collapsing NAS, DHCP, DNS, file and print services and local applications to a single appliance.
• End User Devices by providing single window desk side support for printers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices and non IT devices

Disparate Technologies & ServicesSmart Office Solutions

Our remotely deployed and managed solutions make it easy for clients to adopt virtualization, embrace digital technologies and move to an opex-based model.

Clients benefit from the single-window solution to their branch IT requirements making the technology adoption and costs transparent to their businesses.

Leverage a world-class ecosystem of partnerships to dominate in a digital world

In a complex world, partnerships are the key to ramping up anything – from business growth to building customer value. The right partnerships lead to improved strategic thinking, rapid product and service innovation, enhanced quality, flexible and scalable operations and customer delight.

Micronova uses a large and dependable ecosystem of top global technology collaborations with the aim of ensuring our clients build tomorrow’s businesses today.

Micronova smart on premise Data Center Solution

We deliver business value by providing energy efficient on premise data centre solution. Our primary endeavour is take out the complexity in managing data centre infrastructure, bring high level of efficiency, be it in cooling, or the way power and IT is managed.

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