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A smart office is a workplace where modern technology is leveraged to help organizations work smarter, better, and faster.  The mechanical or tedious tasks that cause a big drain on organizations in terms of manpower, time, and energy can be performed by technologically innovative solutions, which then allow these organizations to focus on their core business.  This is the concept behind Smart Office Solutions.

Typically, a Smart Office Solution consists of a suite of technologies that connect with the organization’s employees, the office building, and the existing IT infrastructure of the organization.

Micronova’s approach to Smart Office Solutions is to first understand the business needs of an enterprise, and then tailor-make effective solutions to meet specific demands, thereby helping these enterprises to optimize their business processes, resources, and assets at minimum costs.

Our service offerings span the IT needs of an enterprise and includes IT infrastructure such as data center, enterprise networking, end-user computing, IT infrastructure management services, and enterprise security.  Our customers typically enjoy a reduction in their annual IT expenditure by adopting economical, interoperable on-premise smart data centre solutions backed by reliable and secure Micronova Internet connectivity.  This network can then be extended to a backup client on-premise data centre or to our cloud infrastructure with a single stop approach.

We deliver business value by providing energy-efficient on-premise data centre solutions. Our primary endeavor is take out the complexity in managing data centre infrastructure, bring a high level of efficiency, be it in cooling, or the way power and IT is managed.

Micronova Smart Office Solution is a reliable, easy-to-deploy solution to set up new offices or a branch operation.  Enterprises can then avoid investing in and maintaining multiple solutions, or the need for approaching and managing multiple service providers.

In a complex world, partnerships are the key to ramping up anything – from business growth to building customer value. The right partnerships lead to improved strategic thinking, rapid product and service innovation, enhanced quality, flexible and scalable operations, and customer delight.

Micronova uses a large and dependable ecosystem of top global technology collaborations with the aim of ensuring our clients build tomorrow’s businesses today.

Why Micronova Smart Office Solution

why micronova smart solutions

Top benefits of using Micronova Smart Office Solution:-

Boost Productivity :Enterprises that opt for a smart office approach are better positioned to perform well than those using the traditional approach. This concept encourages innovation and creativity. We provide access to enterprises to process, monitor, and manage data located on their IT infrastructure remotely.

Zero Downtime : It is essential for enterprises to test the performance against the costs incurred and corporate objectives. Optimized IT infrastructure helps one analyze real-time data in a smart office setting. This information can be used to analyze, measure, and improve the behavior of personnel and building performance for cost-effectiveness. This can be achieved through space optimization and early fault detection to prevent system downtime.

Time Consumption : The Micronova smart office system provides innovative technology solutions that simplify complex tasks. These tasks can be executed within a short time thus allowing enterprises to get more work done in a shorter time.