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Improve your operational efficiency and effectiveness by opting for Managed Internet Leased Lines. We are specialized in providing uninterrupted and swift internet connections across industrial belts to execute business-critical applications.

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    Description Micronova Other Leading Providers
    Time to deliver 1 day 2 weeks
    After Sales Support Human Touch -
    Directly call our
    representative 24x7
    Automated IVR or Chatbot
    Network reach Widespread network
    to cover
    manufacturing belts
    across Bangalore
    Sparsely Spread
    in Industrial belts
    SLA Uptime 99.95% 99.5%

    What Our Customer Says

    Micronova has helped us experience blazing fast Leased Lines. We found that the new connection formality was minimal with Online Security and Encryption being the best part of the deal.

    Impeccable Service! One call is all it took for their representative to reach our place and solve the issue in no time. With a technically strong and experienced team, Micronova offers affordable pricing as well.

    — Leading Pipe Manufacturer

    Micronova offers good technical services and support on their leased lines. Micronova team, Thank you for your service support!

    — Leading E-commerce website

    Micronova always strives to provide Good Support and Services.

    — Leading global electrical component design and manufacturer


    Italy-based leading herbal extract manufacturer in Bangalore wanted centralized IT infrastructure to control and execute IT operations seamlessly.

    The company had an ILL connection from a leading telco but was facing bandwidth throughput issues while sending business-critical reports to the head office in Italy.

    • Throughput was not consistent to send business-critical reports to their Headoffice in Italy
    • Look out for one solution provider who could provision centralized IT infrastructure for their HeadOffice IT to Control and Execute IT operations seamlessly
    • The leading telecom company partnered with our client for Internet Leased Line was unable to resolve the issue
    • Micronova core team analyzed the IT load and packets routing path to their Head Office (HO) in the Europe region and provisioned the shortest international upstream gateway path to achieve consistent thruput to execute their critical IT workload. The company has not faced any bandwidth issues since migrating to Micronova ILL 6 years ago.
    • Micronova provisioned wireless Cisco Meraki solution in their LAN after analyzing client requirements on centralized monitoring and control with necessary security needs to access their IT infra remotely.

    The above-mentioned solution was designed, executed and supported by Micronova’s in-house tech team as a true technology single solution partner to the client.