Why Businesses are Choosing Internet Leased Lines Over Broadband?

Internet Leased Line Case Study

The Internet has revolutionized the way that many people do business. As the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly digitized, SME’s are scrambling for stable and secure Internet Leased Line connections to meet their requirements. However, Broadbands have failed them in providing vital bandwidth connections with speed, security or reliability – a problem that is only exacerbated by an increasing number of cyberattacks.

Manufacturers can now take advantage of dedicated connections known as “Internet Leased Lines” to streamline their IT operations and better communicate with customers. These are perfect for carrying out online transactions, downloading and uploading large chunks of data, running critical applications on a remote server at all times (with utmost security).

Due to the shortcomings of Broadband connectivity, businesses are now resorting to other advanced Internet Leased Line connections. These Lines have become very popular among the business due to their advanced means of connecting with its undeniable benefits.

If you are looking out for the differences between a leased Line and how it differs from a business Broadband connection. This blog has the answer to all your doubts.

Firstly, let’s understand what Internet Leased Lines are? 

The Internet Leased Lines are dedicated connections set up between ISP exchange/ PoP’s and the end customer to provide fast, dedicated bandwidth for companies that are sending large amounts of data. When a company leases an Internet Leased Line, they are able to transfer huge amounts of data with pinpoint accuracy in the fastest way possible.

A leased line differs from broadband because only one customer uses it at any given time, so there’s no need to share the bandwidth. This means your business won’t have any interruptions in service like you would when trying to use Wi-Fi or another wireless network that relies on others sharing their connection.

CEOs often find Internet Leased Lines to be invaluable because they offer lower monthly costs than similar DSL or T1 lines and provide higher bandwidth. This, in turn, creates a better quality of service for their customers.

Secondly, what are Broadbands? 

Broadband internet also provides high-speed internet connections through various types such as fibre optics, ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line), and mobile. However, the speed of Broadband differs due to its multiple connections provided for other people too, meaning it’s not a dedicated connection between one’s premises and the local exchange.

Broadbands are asymmetric, meaning uploads speeds are less compared to downloads and subjected to contention with other users.

Internet Leased Line vs Broadband

There are various differences between Leased Lines and Broadband. However, the major differences can be characterized in terms of:

  • Speed
  • Symmetric
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Contention
  • Latency
  • Scalability


Leased Lines and Broadbands both claim to provide superfast speeds. There is no denying the fact on Leased Lines but the same can’t always be expected for Broadband.

For instance, let’s say that you have bought a Leased Line with 40Mbps, this is the speed you will always get as you will be the sole user of this network.

But when it comes to Broadband, there are high chances that you’ll be receiving slower speeds than promised. This is because the network through which the internet is being received happens to be shared among the other users as well. Meaning the network is contended, unlike Leased Lines.


For those of you who are wondering what Symmetric means is that the downloads and uploads are equal. If you have 40Mbps of download speed then even your upload will be the same 40Mbps.

With Leased Lines, your download speeds are equal to your upload speeds. However, download speeds are asymmetric with Broadbands as it is highly contended. This can be a problem when you are live streaming, uploading large files of data, taking backup, or while playing some online games.

SLA (Serice Level Agreement)

SLA is a commitment made by the provider to make sure reliable services are provided at all times to the user. Almost every Leased Line providers offer an SLA of around 99.9% or higher. This ensures that it is an uncontended, reliable connection that has monitoring software. It is highly impossible for the connection to drop out suddenly. If it so happens, the provider would be automatically alerted and instant commitment to resolving the situation happens in just a few hours.

Whereas the SLA’s with Broadband varies. Typically, these percentages range from 95-99%. Also, the response time to outages can vary, depending totally on the specifics of the agreement undergone. These can vary from that particular moment of the outage to 48 hours. It is always highly advisable to check the agreement details carefully as the SLA is reliant on you informing the provider of an outage.


Contention determines whether a person is sharing his connection with others or is he the sole user of the connection.

Leased Lines here are an uncontended network. As the connection is reserved for only you and there is no other user except you. This makes the connection to provide super speed internet.

On the other hand, Broadband contends. Meaning you are sharing the connection with other users that has the potential to reduce your speed at peak times.


Latency is referred to the time it takes for ongoing action to respond after you have clicked on something. If any action that you made is taking a long time it means that the latency is high. The actions happen immediately means that the latency is low.

Leased Lines have low latency. You can see this when you click on a web-page as it loads in less time.

Whereas Broadband has higher latency. As a result, the web pages take a bit longer to respond.


Scalability sets how convenient it is to make changes to the bandwidth that one gets each month.

Most of the Leased Line connections are scalable. That means you can request for more bandwidth if the need arises or can even scale it back in case you feel the bandwidth is too much which you feel might not be required for the business.

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