How migrating from broadband to Internet Leased Lines connections has benefited manufacturing companies

Internet Leased Line connections for manufacturing companies

Most of the manufacturing companies today are undergoing digital transformation. Since their vital business operations are online, they need stable and secure Internet Leased Line connections now more than ever, to meet their requirements.  

Broadbands are failing to provide critical bandwidth connections along with speed, security, and reliability. This is the major reason why SME’s are opting for Internet Leased Line connections (ILL).

These lines provide dedicated connections that enable manufacturers to better streamline their IT operations and effectively communicate with their customers. Carrying out online transactions, downloading and uploading large chunks of data, running critical business applications, and most importantly having remote access at all times with utmost security are the added ILL benefits.

What are Internet Leased Line Connections? 

The Internet Leased Lines are dedicated connections set up between ISP exchange/ PoP’s and the end customer. Based on customer requirements, Micronvoa provides dedicated internet bandwidth on RF and Fiber optic last-mile connections across industrial belts of Bengaluru. 

In the case of RF, the link would be established from the nearest PoP. The PoP is connected via fiber with redundancy from the main NoC ( Network Operation Centre ) of Micronova. Whereas, the Fiber connectivity to the customer place would be through Telco’s fiber backbone from Micronova NOC/PoP.

They are called Internet Leased Lines as organizations rent them through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Major benefits of choosing ILL are uncontended connections (not shared), symmetric speeds (equal upload and download speeds), reliable and secured connections.

Why are manufacturing companies migrating from broadband to Internet Leased Lines connections? 

Companies today need stable and dedicated internet connections along with better and timely service. Internet downtime just for an hour will negatively impact its business. 

Businesses believe that broadbands are economical compared to Internet leased Lines. That’s not true! ILL comes with superfast reliable speeds and enhanced security which helps businesses to enhance their productivity and save a lot of money in the long run by mitigating potential risks. 

The major differences between Internet Leased Lines and broadbands are listed below: 

Parameters Internet Leased Lines Broadband 
Speed Superfast speeds as it is dedicated connections Variation in speed as the connections are shared 
Symmetric Equal upload and download speed The difference in upload and download speed
Support Proactive monitoring and instant support backed by SLAsResponse time during internet outages is more than ILL 
Stability Connections are solely reserved for the organization and support Varies depending upon the number of users
Security Enhanced security protection Not secure 
ERP and other business-critical applications A seamless operation can be achieved to communicate and run critical applications Connectivity is inconsistent in running critical applications 

How are Leased Lines services benefitting manufacturing companies? 

Manufacturing companies today need stable and dedicated internet connections, with consistent throughputs to fuel their business operations. Companies are connecting virtually across geographically distant locations, partners, vendors, clients and remote employees. During these interactions, a lot of critical data is transferred. 

The IT team makes sure that the network infrastructure is reliable, secured and efficient to support these operations. They look forward to unlimited and uncontented bandwidth, reliable and connections, with other benefits and optimal return on investment (ROI). 

By opting out for Internet Leased Line connections, manufacturing companies can meet the requirements such as:

  • Dedicated Internet connections 
  • Identical upload and download speeds 
  • Seamless and constant connections with customers 
  • Connect corporate offices with production facilities 
  • Enhanced level of security 
  • Run business-critical ERP and business applications along with application filtering and bandwidth control 
  • Even during peak hours, you can easily carry out online interactions such as web conferencing, uploading/downloading large files, and stream videos without interruption
  • SLAs for latency durability and packet loss 

Benefits of Micronova’s Internet Leased Lines to manufacturing sectors. 

99.95% of SLA Uptime 

Micronova offers service level agreements with 99.95% on both fiber and RF connections which is higher than the industry standards of 99.5% with latency commitment and packet loss at <1%. 

The industry standard for mean time to repair (MTTR) is less than 4 hours. There are instances where Micronova has resolved the issues in just 1 and 2 hours. 

Delivery of internet links in 1 day 

Setting up internet connections is easy and quick with Micronova. Subject to feasibility, we have provided internet links including industrial belts in 1 day.  

Remote area connectivity

With the help of RF and Fiber connections, Micronova can provide last-mile connections even to the remotest of locations promising reliable and uninterrupted internet services. The RF technological advancements help us in providing up to 300 Mbps connections within a 10 Km radius. 

24×7 proactive monitoring and support 

Our network engineers are just a call away! You don’t have to wait unlike IVR and automated chatbot support provided by other ISP providers. Our representatives are available 24/7 to respond to your queries directly. 

We constantly monitor your networks and provide intimations beforehand over email in case of an issue. 

Redundant internet connection

We customize the internet gateway route to provide internet connections at the customer end. When one of the interfaces goes down, the other gets back up ensuring consistent internet connections at all times. Load sharing is also incorporated to ensure better throughput. 


Data consumption in manufacturing companies is increasing with the rising demands. Uncontended networks, symmetric speeds, advanced security, SLAs, reliability, and scalability features make Internet Lines help achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness for any manufacturing sector. IT teams can streamline and ensure the smooth working of IT operations. 

To know more about the advantages of using Micronova Internet Leased Lines and our other services offerings to the manufacturing sector, reach us out at or call us on +91 8147090194. 

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