How Can Internet Leased Lines Help to Grow Your Business?

Internet Leased Line for Polymer Manufacturing industry

How can Internet Leased Lines help grow your business

If you are looking for a data connection then you would have come across Internet Leased Lines. The offers of Leased Line connections or what exactly a Leased Line is not yet known by many people. If one is looking for a data connection, it is necessary to understand what dedicated lines are, their uses, and limitations. In this blog, we will look at how Internet Leased Lines can help to grow your business in a detailed manner.

What is an Internet Leased Line?

A Leased Line connection is also known as a dedicated line allowing connections between two locations. These lines have fixed bandwidth and symmetric data connections.

These Lines are exclusive and are solely reserved for the user allowing him to be worry-free regarding the traffic. The uniqueness of Leased Lines is that it only allows two locations- for instance, headquarters with another corporate office of your business for connections so that the line is more secure and has much faster speeds.

The Leased Line is a connection set up between two offices generally on a rental agreement.

It is due to the fact that bandwidth guaranteed will ensure that it has is seamless communication between the offices. Regular internet connections may not be able to provide this feature because of the connectivity that Leased Lines have.

The Leased Lines are able to carry on an internet connection, phone calls, and also PC, and Server links can be set up with these line connections.

We all know how frustrating it can become during internet outages, server downtime, poor loading speed, and non- responsive web applications. Every business today rely on the best internet connectivity to meet their IT requirements. Yet they are in a dilemma or have no clue about choosing the best internet for their business. Well, no matter if your business is small or large. If you are looking for an effective internet for smooth business operations then Leased Line is the solution. That is the reason almost every business today are relying on Internet Leased Lines.

If you are looking for an effective internet that can take care of handling business operations with much ease, we got you covered with Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Lines.

How can Internet Leased Lines help to grow your business?

There are numerous advantages of dedicated leased lines that can benefit your business in multiple ways. These lines are called dedicated as they are reserved for a single user, making him enjoy the bandwidth all to himself. Not just that, aggressive SLA’s make these lines more reliable. Few of the advantages of leased lines are listed below:

Better and Faster Speeds

When compared to broadbands, the Internet Leased Lines have high speed as the contention ratio in these lines is 1:1. That means the line is all yours and no one is using, even at peak times you can expect super-fast internet. Compared to broadbands, the speed available on Leased Lines is much higher allowing you to not worry about people who are online at once, movies or videos they are streaming online, the amount of data they are transmitting, and many such.

Leased lines can have speed up to 100 Gbps.

As we have already known that Leased Lines cover both upload and download and all other things that are imperative for business- such as internet surfing, video conferencing, VoIP systems, file transmission, and many others. Leased Lines always assures high levels of performance.

More Reliability

Not just speed. Fiber line connections are more reliable as they use fiber-optic cables, that are not prone to electrical interference, they are physically much stronger and can transmit data at much faster rates. The hardware that is being used in the fiber lines are of high grade, and they don’t fail as compared to traditional broadband hardware.

For a business, the internet’s uptime is very critical because once the connection is lost just for a few minutes, the chances are high in resulting revenue loss and to face severe customer issues. That’s why Leased Lines are most reliable, and they also have a better SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) to resume services at times of adversities. The Technicians and the Personnel who are well-trained will look into the issue and solve it at the earliest possible.

Better Security

Leased Lines are more secured compared to other internet connections. This is because the connection is set up between your business locations disallowing your data to be shared on a public data network. You may not completely be immune to data leaks or hacking, however, you’ll have many other security measures in place.

Remote Working

The biggest advantages of Leased Lines are the flexibility that allows businesses to establish flexible workplace environments. Employees can connect to their desktops and office computers from their homes. Employees would really appreciate such flexibilities and in turn, this leads to more productivity.

There are a lot of factors to consider before purchasing an internet connection for your business. Check with your business requirements and cross verify the same with that of Internet Leased Lines.

Not every Leased Line is created equal. The Leased Line that you get for your company must be with a provider who offers premium quality and pays attention to details.

At Micronova, we have set our priorities straight. We are one of India’s Top Internet Leased Line providers in Bangalore and Chennai offering excellent services to our existing client base. If you are looking for a Leased Line connection in Bangalore or Chennai, we offer services ranging from 10Mbps per second to 100 Gbps per second with our low latency, fiber, and RF connections, 24×7 surveillance under customizable packages.

We are available for conversation should you chose to explore more about Leased Lines, and we will also be able to provide a fast and accurate quote for your business.

High Performance

As the Leased Lines are dedicated to one business, the complete utility of the bandwidth is made with no contention from outside. The advantage of this line is that the business gets a cent percent performance both upstream and downstream. This is good if one is making or receiving phone calls, transferring larger files, and using video conferencing that too in high quality over the connection. Radical advantages of Internet Leased Lines over Broadband are what make these lines a reliable option for many businesses and thus contribute immensely to the growth of businesses.

To make your business thrive through the cutting edge competition with essential services of the internet in terms of speeds, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. Then ring us on +91 8147090194 or email us at to explore all the possibilities that Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Lines enables.

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