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Any business needs a fast, reliable and stable internet connection. There are many applications and processes that rely on connectivity, to run applications like email, e-commerce, FTP’s, VPN’s supporting remote and mobile workers, long distance conference calling, media streaming and web browsing.

Our Micronova’s Managed Internet services ensure that your business is set up with hassle free connection for your business needs.

Internet Leased Lines (ILL)

Overview :

A Leased Line is a high-performance permanent connection from your premises to the internet network. It is a dedicated, private line and only carries communications such as voice, data and internet traffic from your company, which means, bandwidth provisioned on symmetric 1: 1 contention ratio.

This, coupled with the guaranteed level of service that accompanies a Leased Line, means it is a reliable choice for businesses who are also looking for a solid infrastructure to help them grow and maintain service quality.

High-speed connections mored than 1Gig is available. Broadband connectivity is asymmetric and can run non-critical business applications only. Leased lines are the most reliable, symmetric, dedicated connections available for organizations for running business-critical applications


Leased lines are Dedicated, Symmetric and have fixed bandwidth.

The advantages of a dedicated line enable the users to reserve the bandwidth solely for themselves allowing access to high-speed internet bandwidth that doesn’t fall or drop during peak hours.

Leased lines are termed symmetric as they provide the same upload and download speed.

For instance, if you want to work on taking a backup and uploading large files simultaneously then leased lines can do that for you without interrupting any of these processes.


Leased Lines are the most secure ones as the network will exclusively be used by you, and also the security protocols and applications are easy to install. Access can be given to those whom you feel are necessary to include.
● Security and Reliability can be achieved on data transfer along with predictable performance between the locations across Bangalore.
● Web-Scale computing and its potential can be utilized with the help of Internet leased lines.
● Helps customer in measuring their growing bandwidth requirement with much ease.

How does it work?

How does internet leased lines work

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