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Any business needs a fast, reliable and stable internet leased line connection. There are many applications and processes that rely on connectivity, to run applications like email, e-commerce, FTP’s, VPN’s supporting remote and mobile workers, long distance conference calling, media streaming and web browsing.

Our Micronova’s Managed Internet services ensure that your business is set up with hassle free connection for your business needs.

Internet Leased Lines (ILL)

Overview :

A Internet Leased Line is a high-performance permanent connection from your premises to the internet network. It is a dedicated, private line and only carries communications such as voice, data and internet traffic from your company, which means, bandwidth provisioned on symmetric 1: 1 contention ratio.

This, coupled with the guaranteed level of service that accompanies a Leased Line, means it is a reliable choice for businesses who are also looking for a solid infrastructure to help them grow and maintain service quality.

High-speed connections mored than 1Gig is available. Broadband connectivity is asymmetric and can run non-critical business applications only. Internet Leased lines are the most reliable, symmetric, dedicated connections available for organizations for running business-critical applications

How does internet leased lines work


Internet leased lines are Dedicated, Symmetric and have fixed bandwidth.

The advantages of a dedicated line enable the users to reserve the bandwidth solely for themselves allowing access to high-speed internet bandwidth that doesn’t fall or drop during peak hours.

Leased lines are termed symmetric as they provide the same upload and download speed.

For instance, if you want to work on taking a backup and uploading large files simultaneously then leased lines can do that for you without interrupting any of these processes.


Internet Leased Lines are the most secure ones as the network will exclusively be used by you, and also the security protocols and applications are easy to install. Access can be given to those whom you feel are necessary to include.

The advantages you get by using internet leased line connections are all-time accessibility to the internet, stable upload and download speeds, the secured transmission of data, and many such.

Leased lines are flexible and the businesses can make the most out of their money. The plans can be customized according to business requirements.
Does your business require 10mbps or 10gbps speed? With leased lines, you can pay for bandwidth that is sufficient for your business.

The list of benefits that you can avail by having Internet Leased Lines (ILL):

  • Security and Reliability can be achieved on data transfer along with predictable performance between the locations across Bangalore.
  • Web-Scale computing and its potential can be utilized with the help of Internet leased lines.
  • Helps customer in measuring their growing bandwidth requirement with much ease.
  • 24 hours of internet connectivity.
  • Speed up to 1Gigabyte.
  • best suited if you have your own website, server for mail, and web on the internet.
  • The Upload and Download Speed stays stable.
  • Superfast transmission for data, voice, and video usability.
  • The transmissions are also secured disallowing third parties to access company information.
  • These Lines are also used for gaming as they help in maintaining ping (low and stable latency).

Elevation in performance is another advantage of using leased lines. If you’re involved in carrying out multiple tasks at once.

Let’s say making or receiving calls over the connection, uploading and downloading large chunks of data, video streaming, or working during the peak hours of business, you can still face no delay in internet speeds and experience the best performance at all times.

For those of you who want to know why broadband over the leased line? Here is the answer - unlike broadbands, leased lines are not shared among third parties, this allows users to experience dedicated lines that have significantly more speeds.

Why is Micronova the best Internet Leased Line provider in Bangalore?


To meet the IT requirements of your company - now and in the future, we emphasize on after-sales service by constantly monitoring quality-based controls at every process level with regular mechanisms in place. Our technical team has experience in this domain for over 30 years. We have served more than 500 businesses of varying sizes, across different industries, and for diverse requirements.

24x7 Proactive Monitoring:

We provide 24×7 proactive monitoring NoC support to ensure service availability at all times without any compromise in the quality.

Last-mile media available both on fiber and wireless:

Based on the customer requirement Micronova provides Internet Leased Lines either on Fiber or RF. In both cases, Micronova takes care of end to end ownership of the Last-mile & ILL Bandwidth.

Human Touch:

Our experienced and friendly staff are available at all times to assist you. Unlike call centers, you don’t have to wade through menus to eventually connect to a person.

If you are looking for an uninterrupted internet connection for your business, then for sure Micronova is the place to go.
Micronova, a corporate internet service provider is aimed to not just meet the needs of enterprises but also to surpass them and satisfy customers by providing high-speed internet for seamless business processes and applications.
Sensible and Cost-effective technologies are being incorporated by the company to provide a complete high-quality internet solution.

“Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Line offers highly secure, reliable, 99.95% availability Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with proactive dedicated NoC certified engineers”

The list of benefits that you can avail by having Internet Leased Lines (ILL):Internet Leased Lines are a connection setup between a company and its customers. This means the bandwidth is not shared among third parties in turn allowing users to experience high speed and a stable internet connection even during peak business hours.

  • The upload speed is equal to that of download speed which is good news for file sharing, VoIP, and other cloud applications.
  • The (SLA) service level agreement provided by Micronova is backed by speed, availability, packet loss, and jitter.
  • The bandwidth that you get using Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Lines cannot be shared as it is solely dedicated to one business or enterprise.
  • Measures are taken to ensure Robust Governance and Compliance with key regulations.

Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Line ensures highly secured internet service with high performance, enabling connections to your critical-business applications and services. These services are hosted by multiple data centers.
Speed and Reliability are the most demanding requirements for connecting with these hosted services at present, along with the capability to address the business and IT imperatives of the future.
Built-in redundancy is responsible for making sure that your data has an open and available path to travel at all times.
Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Lines are fully managed leased line or ethernet service where the support is provided 24x7 and all 365 days of the year. Apart from being an Enterprise Internet Service Provider we also offer provisioning, installation, consulting, and end-to-end services

How does Micronova's Managed Internet Leased Line Works?

How does internet leased lines work

FAQ's about Managed Leased Lines

There are various advantages of dedicated Internet Leased Lines. The major advantages are: Secured high-speed symmetric upload/ download bandwidth, dedicated connectivity with static IP, Low latency, High security, committed SLA’s and 24x7 monitoring.

The Internet leased line refers to a dedicated symmetric communication channel that easily interconnects two or more sites.

For example, your speed is 10Mbps: With a 1:1 ILL, you will get the full speed minus some overhead loss, probably about 90% of the speed. So, 9Mbps or 9/8MBPs = 1.1 MBPS speed.

A leased-line will be delivered on fiber-optic/ wireless last mile media from point A to point B, usually from the head office to its branch office. It could carry: data, video, and voice to the Internet exchange (PoP- Point of Presence)

A Leased Line basically dedicated to an entire bandwidth with a 1:1 contention ratio to a particular entity. Businesses looking for high-speed internet service connections often opt for leased lines to carry out various internet-related business activities such as normal browsing, sending e-mails, keeping cloud backups, making VOIP calls, video conferencing, transfer of large files of data, RDP, and much more. Having a leased line connection will benefit the company in terms of consistency, reliability, scalability, secured and is also cost-effective.

Broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission service for high-speed internet. In a broadband connection, the bandwidth gets divided. Whereas, a leased line is a private communication line between 2 or more nodes. If a leased line offers 4Mbps speed then you get a dedicated 4Mbps speed which is not possible with broadband as the bandwidth is shared among multiple users. Leased Lines are better from broadband in terms of Speed, Symmetric, SLA (Service Level Agreement), Contention, Latency, Reliability, and Scalability.

Based on the customer requirement Micronova provides Internet Leased Line either on Fiber or RF last mile media. In the case of RF, the link would be established from the nearest PoP. The PoP is connected via fiber with redundancy from Micronova major PoP. As related to Fiber connectivity to the customer place would be through Telco’s fiber backbone from Micronova NOC. In both cases, Micronova takes care of end to end ownership of the Last-mile & ILL Bandwidth

Dual internet connection, dual WAN, or redundant internet connection refers to using two physical WAN interfaces to connect to the Internet at the customer end. Dual internet connections can be used in three ways: Redundant interfaces, should one interface go down, the second automatically becomes the main internet connection. For load sharing to ensure better throughput. A combination of redundancy and load sharing.

Our plan starts from 4Mbps,10Mbps,...up to multiple STM’s internet bandwidths, and is backed up with affordable prices. For enquiries, you can call us on 8147090194 or email us at

Generally, high speed internet can be 150 megabit per second (mbps) download or more. Our packages range from 1 megabit per second to 150 megabits per second, depending on your needs.

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