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Micronova Biz ERP gives you one suite of integrated apps for your entire business. Micronova Biz connects your sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, and more, while also giving you contextual integrations to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and vendors.

Inventory Module

Inventory module can be used to track the stock of items. Items can be identified by unique serial numbers. Using that unique numbers inventory system can keep track of item and trace its current location in organization. Inventory module includes functionalities like inventory control, master units , stock utilization reporting etc.

Purchase Module

As name indicates, purchase modules take care of all the processes that are part of procurement of items or raw materials that are required for organization. Purchase module consist of functionalities like supplier/vendor listing, supplier & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders, tracking the purchase items, preparing GRNs(Good Receipt Notes) & updating stocks & various reports . Purchase module is integrated with Inventory module & Engineering/production module for updating of stocks.

Finance & Accounting module

Whole inflow & outflow of money/capital is managed by finance module. This module keeps track of all account related transactions like expenditures, Balance sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements ,payment receipts, tax management etc. Financial reporting is easy task for this module of ERP. Any Financial data that is required for running business is available on one click in Finance module.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module

CRM department is helps to boost the sales performance through better customer service & establishing the healthy relationship with customers. All the stored details of customer is available in CRM module. CRM module helps to manage & track detailed information of the customer like communication history ,calls, meetings, details of purchases made by customer, contract duration etc. CRM module can be integrated with Sales module to enhance sales opportunities.

Following other modules are part of CRM module:
AMC/Recurring Billing:

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