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In any organization, communication is an integral factor in any aspect whether it is planning, organizing, etc. In today’s world of business, communication relies heavily on email.

Emails are a fruitful means to interact with clients, customers, employees as well as your potential customers. The information transferred through email keeps storage of all the transactions that can be very helpful for future reference which is not possible through phone calls or any other mode of communication.

Micronova email solution provides enterprises with high levels of security, reliability, and scalability. By providing robust email solutions ensuring any amount of information exchanged between businesses through emails remains a hassle-free process. We include all the safety-essentials such as virus and spam protection that shield your email communications against hackers and spammers. Our mail solutions deliver a critical defense against advanced threats like spear-phishing and zero-day attacks. We provide 100% email virus protection and 99% email spam protection SLAs.

With Micronova email solutions you can

Streamline infrastructure. Our cloud-based solution simplifies your network, minimizes administrative burden and reduces pressure on overcrowded server rooms.

Reduce overhead. Eliminating any on-premises equipment and maintaining hardware and software.

Simplify compliance. Archiving enables quick and accurate searches to make e-discovery tasks easier and less time-consuming.

Improve control. Administrators can use centralized tools to enforce organization-wide security and data retention policies.

Increase performance. Our solution responds to unwanted email before it reaches your exchange server, and offloads large amounts of email to enhance performance and shorten backup times.

Enhance experiences. We allow users a bottomless mailbox to eliminate the frustration of mailbox size restrictions. And ensuring users remain productive with uninterrupted access to email during outages.

Micronova service provides a single solution with best-of-breed technology to protect business email, give employees fast and secure access to archives, and ensure that email keeps flowing even during a disaster.


What is a secure email gateway & what does it play in securing an email account ?

A secure email gateway is essential in protecting your email accounts from today’s dangerous array of email-related attacks and preventing data loss due to leakage of sensitive information. Micronova cloud email security uses multi-layered detection and encryption to filter both inbound and outbound email and to secure private information from attackers and unauthorized parties. Our cloud-based solution also provides additional email filtration that results in highly accurate identification, quarantine and elimination of spam.

Why do you need an email support service ?

Our managed mailing solution not only guarantees 99.99% uptime for the mail servers but also scans viruses with an online virus scanner and controls spam. Your work efficiency gets enhanced. Our managed mail servers for big businesses offer full security and privacy no matter how huge is the mail traffic and how large is your business set up. Micronova supports you 24/7 in all your required needs.

Why is it safer to email on local servers than global servers ?

If you’re in the process of auditing your current email delivery solution, you may have noticed that the landscape has changed considerably since the last time you considered your alternatives. With local servers your cutting on cost & accessibility. With constant support, enterprises can focus on their growth. As you need no software & no dedicated resources.