Micronova Data Centre for Your Mission Critical Data

Micronova Data Centre for Your Mission Critical Data
Micronova Data Centre

Micronova Data Centre was established as an enabler for the business community by providing a reliable, well networked and well-managed carrier-neutral Data Centre Infrastructure Services in Bangalore Central District i.e. 3km from City Railway Station 35km from Bangalore International Airport. The various Benefits of Data Centre is significant in the growth of businesses.

What is a Data Center

In simple terms, a Data Centre is a physical location with facilities that businesses can use to store their most critical data and applications. Data Centre is designed based on a networking of computing storage resources that allows the delivery of data and shared applications. The key components of a Data Centre design include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers.

Why are Data Centres so important to business?

In the world of enterprise IT, data centers are designed to support business applications and activities that include:
  • Email and file sharing
  • Productivity applications
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and databases
  • Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Virtual desktops, communications and collaboration services

The components of a Data Centre.

Components of the Data Centre design include switches, firewalls, routers, storage systems, application delivery controllers, and servers. These components not only store and manage the critical information of any businesses but they also are encrypted in compliance with the security standards. They also provide:
  • Infrastructure for Network: Physical and Virtualized server, storage facilities, data centre services are connected with the help of this infrastructure along with the external connectivity provided to the locations of end-users.
  • Storage Infrastructure: Modern Data Centres are fuelled with critical business data. The storage system houses all these critical data.
  • Computing Resources. We can call applications as the engines of the Data Centre. They are designed to provide memory, local storage, processing, and network connectivity to drive applications.

How Does a Data Centre Function? 

Typically, Data Centre services are implemented to safeguard the performance and integrity of core data center components.
  • Network Security Appliance: In order to safeguard the Data Centre, Network Security Appliances include firewall and intrusion protection.
  • Application Delivery Assurance: These mechanisms provide application resilience and availability through automatic failover and load balancing to maintain application performance.

What exactly is in a Data Centre facility?

The components of a Data Centre require extensive infrastructure to assist the centres software as well as hardware. Various components include UPS/ Power Backup batteries, Power Subsystems, Cooling systems, Fire Suppressions, Backup Generators, Ventilation, and connections to External Networks.

The Different Types of Data Centres.

There are many different types of data centers and service models. Their classification depends on whether they are operated by one or more companies, how they fit (if they fit) into the topology of other data centers, what computing and storage systems they use, and also their energy efficiencies are considered.

The Four Main Types of Data Centres:

Enterprise data centers

These are built, owned, and operated by enterprises/organizations and optimized for end-users. They are most often housed on the enterprise campus.

Managed services data centers

Such data centers are operated on behalf of a client/ business by a third party (also called as Managed Service Provider- MSP). Instead of buying it, the company leases the equipment and infrastructure.

Colocation Data Centres

A business leases space inside a data center owned by others and situated off company premises in colocation (“colo”) data centres. The colocation data centre houses the infrastructure: building, cooling, bandwidth, security, etc., while the company provides and maintains the components, including servers, storage, and firewalls.

Cloud Data Centers

A Cloud Data Centre is off-premises, meaning it is not physically located in a particular organization’s office. Instead, it is all stored online. When the data is stored on these servers, it automatically gets fragmented and duplicated for secure storage across multiple locations. Micronova offers cloud storage facilities for allowing your data to be accessed from any place.

The various other services offered by Micronova’s Data Centre include: 

  • Web Hosting Services
  • Co-location Services – Shared and Dedicated Hosting
  • Mailing Services
  • Cloud Services

Advantages of External Data Centre

1. Experience utmost flexibility with an external Data Centre

Co-locating all your servers within a data storage facility helps your company gain the utmost flexibility. You can only rent the space that is required, pay for its utility, without additional charges. Whereas, an on-site server room won’t provide you the same flexibility. Building and on-site server space also requires lots of investment and can be inefficient if there is unused space.

2. Scalability

With the growing needs of the business, your IT needs change as well. If one wants to choose their own server room, there is always a limit to the capacity of that space. This won’t be applicable to an external Data Centre. If one chooses an external Data Centre, you don’t have to worry about the bottlenecks throughout your business growth stages. In case the need for rack or cage space arises, you can rent it.

3. Maximum connectivity

External Data Centres provide connectivity to all network providers which is not possible with on-site server rooms. In addition, high bandwidths at significantly lower prices are assured. If one wants to have a similar on-site server room with the same level of connectivity, they have to be ready for a bigger investment.

4. Higher guarantees and lower risk 

Building and maintenance of a Data Centre are in accordance with set procedures, that are linked with acquired certifications. As the customers are rarely exposed to all sorts of risks, Data Centres offer relatively high uptime guarantees. Micronova Data Centre, for example, guarantees an uptime of 99.99%.

5. Higher cost-efficiency

External Data Centres come up with the top-notch infrastructure of heating and cooling systems and sophisticated fire suppression systems. With our core business being Data Centres, we have the most cost-effective and also less risky with comparison to on-site server rooms that are operated by an organization with their own IT Staff.

Additional services that one can expect from Micronova Data Centre

An external Data Centre can not only be a reliable and secure option for the Co-location but also offers a wide range of additional related services. We have briefly explained the most important services in this blog of your understanding. Find out the benefits that you can avail by using Micronova Data Centres.

Safe and Secured Environmental Conditions 

Micronova Data Centres ensure a safe and secure operating environment in a stable location, minimizing the risk of disaster. Thanks to smoke detection, fire alarm, and climate control measures. Not just that, there are numerous added advantages that make external Data Centres an alternative to on-site server rooms.

Infrastructure and Securities 

Our Micronova Data Centre is a TIER III complaint, having an exclusive transformer to the building with N+1 redundancies at all critical Data Centre component levels. Data Centre is not only being housed by the company-owned building infrastructure but also is protected with 2 layers of Physical Security and 3 layers of Access Control. Our networks are protected from DDOS attacks and are enabled with gateway level protection. 24×7 support center backed up with 99.9% SLA, internet connectivity available 24×7 from multiple upstream vendors and power backups are available with 2 DG sets and 1+1 UPS redundancies.

An ideal environment for your servers

In order for computers to function efficiently, they have to be kept in a specific environment. Climatic conditions such as humidity and temperature can affect the performance and reduce the life span of the equipment. With providing a favorable environment for servers, Data Centres also have various detection systems in place to detect problems even before they occur, such as the measuring systems which can detect even the slightest overheating problem. Which shows the solutions are ready even before the problem pops out.

Energy efficiency maximized 

Data Centres are known for the fact that they are energy-efficient, this comes as another advantage. To reduce the electricity bill down, Data Centres are constantly looking for ways to increase energy efficiency. A lot of Data Centres are also tackling their carbon footprint by utilizing their carbon-neutral energy. So if you chose an external Data Centre, then you are also can reduce the ecological footprint of your company.

Remote Hands & Eyes

External Data Centres also offer remote hands and eyes allowing you to rely on various remote hands and eyes tasks. For example, you can use the staff for technical support, patching, cabling, replacing hard disks, installing equipment, troubleshooting, as well as stockage of parts too. Tape rotation and tape vaulting, which allows one to take backups of any data, falls under the service of remote hands and eyes service.

Clients Catering

We serve diverse clients such as Telecom, Pharma R&D, and VLSI chip designing companies. These companies have been using our premium services to run their mission-critical applications. To explore other services offered by Micronova, visit our website www.micronova.in, for queries email us at salesblr@micronova.in.

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