Data Centre Risk Management by Co-location Service Providers



Many companies simply don’t invest in having their own data centre as they are unaware of Data Centre Risk Management along with various other reasons.

Firstly, the cost of having their own data centre becomes expensive and requires additional investment. In addition, the centre requires extra space, good infrastructure facilities, along with good IT staff to manage and monitor it. Even if some companies manage to have all of these, they might fail to deliver built-in resilience and reliability. It is because they lack expertise or fall short of budgets at times of delivery.

In this blog, let’s understand how Data Centre Risk Management measures are undertaken by Co-location service providers, the major risks associated with data centres, and the benefits of Data Centre Co-location.

Data Centre Risk Management by Co-location Provider

There are arrays of risks associated with Data Centres, we have summarised them into three major risks that are associated with Data Centres and how Co-location service providers manage and prevent such risks.

Power Outages 

There are various factors related to data centre issues such as Power for which UPSs and backup generators can be used. A company can rely on a co-location service provider for resilient electricity and power as they have fully equipped and functional backup generators along with automatic transfer switches to ensure 100% availability to your equipment. In addition to that, they also conduct periodic testing and have a timeline for maintenance so that in case of uncertainty, the equipment is fully functional to stop any kind of interruption in delivering service.

Human Errors and Cyber Crimes 

Human Errors and Cybercrimes are also a significant threat to the Data Centres. If the centre doesn’t have proper patches or updates installed, they are vulnerable to attacks as they create security gaps that are potential entry source for hackers to break and exploit the network.

Having a well-managed set of predefined processes and principles can control human errors. Quality control, regular checks are a few that can be incorporated. To regularly monitor, multiple people have to be assigned so that they can make certain that all the processes are being followed and implemented. Companies not having IT as their core competency fail to document processes and conduct regular checks.

Co-location service providers specialize in IT as their core business. They follow the best practices and also document every single process. They also conduct various audits to comply with data security standards and service controls with recognized institutions. This is done to verify that all the procedures are being followed and documented. Audits are done to validate who gets access to a rack in a data centre, and various security checks are validated by performing penetration testing, following firewall rules, thorough background checks, and verifying the centres maintenance procedures.

Weather Threats, Fire, Flood, Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters

Weather outages are also a potential risk within a data centre that can cause the internet and power outages. Fire, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters also fall under this category. In the earlier sections, we understood how a co-location provider can ensure power availability at all times but it is of no use if the resources cannot be accessed when the internet service is interrupted.

That is why a co-location provider not only focuses on providing power supply but also considers offering internet facilities. Multiple carriers are used to install redundant internet connections having diverse entry points into the building, this is done to ensure resiliency and to safeguard connections against service disruption. With multiple paths to the building for multiple carriers, the point of failure is eliminated from a single vendor having a single point.

Services offered by Co-location Data Centre Service provider 

The additional services that you can get from opting out for a Co-location Data Centre service providers are more when compared with that of an on-site data centre or the in-house data centre. Below is the list of services that a company choosing for co-location services can benefit from.

Hybrid Cloud 

Data centres offer cloud servers to house your company’s data in the cloud servers that can be accessed by workers even from remote locations.

Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Services

Companies can benefit from backup services as they can help recover data in case of accidental deletion, corruption in the database, or any problem with the software upgrade.

Storage as a service

Growing businesses require extra space as time passes, their applications grow along with the storage. With data center storage solutions one can scale storage capacity as per their requirements.

Remote hands

Your company can delegate IT management or any other management related tasks to the staff appointed by the providers in-turn eliminating the need for you to be present on-site to fix any issues.

It is clear that by adopting a co-location server provider, your company can drastically reduce business risk and not worry about Data Centre Risk Management. By opting for Micronvoa Data Centre, your company can benefit from a variety of services allowing your business to experience IT expertise, the latest technology, excellent infrastructure, and ensure business continuity.

To explore our service offerings, visit our website For queries, drop us a mail at or you can call us on +91 8147090124.

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