End Point Security (EPS): Working and Importance Explained

Importance of End-point Security(EPS)

End Point refers to any device that is physically an endpoint on the network. A few examples of endpoints include desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, POS devices, smart systems, and so on. EPS is a part of Cybersecurity services that protect network endpoints from threats and other malicious attacks. These services generally include Antivirus, Email Filtering, Web Filtering, Firewall, and Data Loss Prevention. By offering protection to companies’ critical systems, intellectual property, customers, and business-critical data, EPS ensures security from any kind of cyberattacks. Companies without End Point Security are at a greater risk of losing their valuable data, causing reputation damage, and putting their business survival at stake. Read this blog to find out the Endpoint Security Working and its Importance.

How Does End Point Security Work?

End Point Security providers offer a centralized management console that is connected to the enterprise network. With the help of this console, administrators can monitor, protect, investigate and respond to incidents. Knowing about the Endpoint Security Working and its Importance can help your business in protecting business-critical data from evolving and advanced threats.

End Point Security Importance

With the constant and growing need for cybercriminals to steal information, and infiltrate company networks, it is always important to protect your company from all possible breaches and attacks. Growing companies are targeted more often as the inadequate endpoint measures provide easy opportunities for hackers to enter the network and steal information. Having reliable End Point Security services can prevent all of these from happening

Below are the reasons why End Point Security is crucial for growing businesses

Increase in Remote Working Conditions

Since the COVID outbreak, many companies have opted to work from home. The employees with the help of the internet, can now access data and work remotely from the place of their choosing. Adapting to these types of working environments requires companies to secure their network from evolving cyber threats.

While working remotely, endpoints become an easy target as they lack various security measures compared to office space. Having a proper End Point security services provider in place can help businesses in mitigating the risk involved. Features such as two-factor authentication, antivirus, intrusion detection, firewall, detailed insights, and more help in protecting sensitive data while providing greater control.

Frequent Patch Updates

Updates are necessary to improve the performance, and efficiency and to sort the existing issues of any given technology. Each time the updates are rolled, the security for the same needs to be updated as well. These software updates benefit the users but can also cause problems with network protection. One such weak endpoint can lead to a potentially destructive breach in cyber security.

Endpoints are used to access other networks

Organizations can set rules and regulations on the type of network their employees can access. Sometimes, just for a small duration, the employee may access an unauthorized network allowing the entire system to be exploited. Having proper End Point Security software can protect companies from such instances.

Keep track of activity while accessing the data

End Point Security allows the organization to understand and keep a track of who accessed the data and made changes to it if any. This can be helpful for companies that have employees working at remote locations.

Protection from Insider Threats

It is difficult to maintain the integrity of the network when a lot of third parties are involved. A contractor or a vendor to a company can open up the network to potential cyber threats. These weak spots can be strengthened using EPS.

Not just that, unintentional insider threats that can compromise the security of the network can be identified and fixed with the help of End Point Security.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP is used to ensure the protection of business-critical information and sensitive data against leakages, thefts, or any kind of cyberattacks. An effective EPS provider responsibly monitors confidential and user-defined data shared through removable drives, networks, various applications, or any other endpoints. Even the data-on-rest can be scanned on endpoints and from removable devices acting as an additional layer of protection against breaches.

Data Loss Prevention services can help you understand the data you have, and where the sensitive data resides, create full visibility of the data and the networks, and create an effective barrier against outsider and insider threats. 

DLP solutions provide

  • A record of all file transfer attempts made
  • Enforce compliance and security policies to monitor real-time data
  • Limit the data transfer on USB
  • Block USBs, external drives, and ports
  • Complete protection of data including the ones copied on the clipboard, through applications, and screenshots.
  • Discover, encrypt, and delete sensitive data by doing manual or automatic scans.

Application and Asset Management

This allows authorization for multiple applications installed on the endpoints to access the corporate network and its different assets. In addition, it also provides detailed insights into every connected endpoint for uniform asset regulation and allows administrators to stay aware of alterations in company systems.

Detailed insights into connected endpoints for uniform asset regulation, constant monitoring of software (OS, ERP), and hardware (RAM, Harddisk) are some of the other features provided to empower administrators with better control over organizations’ systems.

Enterprises are enabled to track any kind of attempted malicious or mischievous activity, isolate, track and take steps against it in the initial stages.


Advanced End Point protection also comes with antivirus, attack prevention, IDS/IPS, intrusion detection, firewall, and many others. Multilayer protection and numerous industry certification make End Point Security a great choice to secure an organization’s cyber security. Knowing the Endpoint Security Working and Importance helps companies in making critical business decisions.

As an IT security Gold partner to Seqrite products, Micronova has tackled advanced cyber threats by providing comprehensive End Point Security services to multiple businesses. For inquiries, reach us at salesblr@micronova.in or +91 8147090194

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