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Companies today are shifting to cloud adoption which has led to much faster, smarter and more flexible operations. Finding new ways of connecting to customers is not only helping them to disrupt markets but also create business value. To utilize the complete benefits of the cloud, you should have a cloud-managed service provider who knows how to streamline your critical IT processes and simplify the management of all your critical business applications.

Cloud managed services refer to the outsourcing of your daily cloud IT management and technical support to effectively control and manage the cloud activities. Cloud managed services provider offers the customer with cloud infrastructure and application-level support.

Micronova, offering managed services for the cloud undertakes the responsibility to provide comprehensive cloud management support by handling cloud operations.

Why Cloud Managed Services?

With the rise in cloud adoption, managing cloud operations efficiently has become a challenge to many organizations. To address this challenge, organizations are choosing a Cloud-Managed Service provider to tackle complexities and handle efficiently the cloud resources and its environment.

Not having a proper team can lead to serious operational and security risks. Micronova will address all these challenges and many other concerns by implementing effective cloud infrastructure management for your organization.

Benefits of having Micronova’s Cloud Managed Services:

Robust Infrastructure

We offer 24×7 management with efficient and robust network infrastructure support allowing you to monitor, report, scan, integrate, update patches, and streamline your network operations with your core business objectives.

Centralized Services and Applications

We have our own data center to manage all applications and services. This allows you to have remote access to your data, enhance productivity, effective resource utilization, storage, and backup facilities, and much more.


We have aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLA) to help in better management and support ensuring business continuity..

Lower Maintenance Costs

Micronova offers you multiple options on cost-saving to ease out your maintenance burden. When you choose cloud managed services, you can save money on costly network maintenance and drastically reduce your IT maintenance.

Integrated Services

We offer you tailored solutions to match your business requirements. We provide integration solutions such as security protection, new service setup, and network monitoring.

Why Micronova’s Managed Services for Cloud?

Efficiently managing the entire cloud deployment can be a big challenge for many organizations. We can help you simplify your cloud complexity by providing you with clear, cost-effective cloud management strategies to help you build flexible and scalable cloud systems that help in reaching your business objectives and goals.

We understand your business to provide you with comprehensive business solutions.

Advanced Security and compliance capabilities are integrated

On-demand scalability and agility

Flexible integration and delivery options


What is a Cloud managed services ?

Cloud managed services include enhancing your existing IT infrastructure by providing efficient resources and functionalities that are managed using a cloud platform.

How critical is cloud managed services for an organization ?

Cloud Managed Service providers are very critical for any organization as they help in reducing overhead costs, manage things efficiently, provide complete support with cloud environments, and offer you fantastic customer service. Every service enterprise can observe the quality impact on it’s ROI & immense change in the IT infrastructure.

Does having a cloud-managed service help our employees at working from home ?

Absolutely, when the data is stored on a cloud platform, employees can easily access it even in remote locations without having to buy extra hardware. If they have cloud access, they can easily view information from their mobile devices, or personal laptops without having to be in the office.