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Benefits of Managed IT Services Provider for Any Business.

Benefits of Managed IT Services Provider for Any Businesses

A Managed IT Service Provider typically provides a bundle of services (network, application, infrastructure, and security) for their customers. It is usually an outsourced third-party company that manages and assumes responsibility for a defined set of regularly ongoing activities to its customer.

In other words, It is a team of professionals who have the expertise to deliver focused application operations for your company’s business application users. This can help the in-house IT team to focus on more strategic IT programs and other business core competencies. in this blog, you’ll explore more about the benefits of Managed IT Services.

Types of Managed IT Services.

An MSP can handle thousands of operational tasks from offering system support and many other forms of help to assist client businesses. Areas of the business usually outsourced comprises of IT (Information Technology), Payroll, Human Resource Contract Management, and Compliance, Workforce and Contingent Workforce Management, Vendor Management, Procurement, and Sourcing, Managed IT Support, Managed Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Website Services and so on.

Micronova Provides both On-site and Remote IT infrastructure Management Services:

On-Site Support

An on-site support team is available with the presence of an expert engineer providing services full times or at times of need both online and offline.

Remote IT infrastructure Management

control of IT tools that are not physically located inside your company. It involves a lot of processes within the cloud from cloud-hosted infrastructure to full disaster recovery.

  • Quality infrastructure assistance for servers, firewalls, desktops, and backup devices.
  • Monitoring and System Maintenance of your infrastructure.
  • Aggressive SLA Support.

This is possible with the help of an IT infrastructure management and service platform that gives a consolidated end-to-end view of your infrastructure and applications. With its dashboard, one will be able to monitor servers, applications, network infrastructure, and other components to optimize IT performance and to minimize costs. Proven automation tools help standardize operations, eliminate manual processes that are time-consuming, improving accuracy and precision.

Benefits of Managed IT Services Provider

Today, too many businesses are teaming up with IT managed service providers. 60% of businesses utilize these services and the percentage is still growing. The reason for its growth is because of the various benefits availed from these services. Here’s a list of all the benefits that Managed IT Services provide.

Cost Control of IT 

Spending money for in-house IT staff is expensive. With Managed IT Service providers, one can easily turn fixed IT costs into variable costs, meaning the budget allocation can be more efficient and properly utilized. Companies using these types of services end up paying for that actual usage at the time of need. Outsourcing these tasks helps companies in saving money.

Reduction in IT Resource Costs 

Having an in-house IT staff not only involves costs but also incurs more money to hire and train them. Temporary employees don’t always fulfill the company’s expectations. Business can direct their human resources into other places of need with outsourcing taking care of IT Services.

Trained, Qualified, Certified, and Moreover Experienced. 

It’s hard to find out if an IT employee is truly qualified for the position. With Managed IT Service provider, you don’t need to worry. You get professionally trained, qualified, certified, and an experienced workforce and if once is planning to provide necessary training to an IT employee, it is important to understand that certifications like MSCE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) are pretty expensive.

Qualified might not infer Experienced. 

No matter how much time you invest in training an IT employee, that training is isolated and the employee might lack the right experience. With a Managed IT Service provider, an IT professional is sent who has the quality experience to handle IT-related operations. This is one of the valuable benefits of managed IT services.

Ramp up Efficiency and Competitiveness 

IT-related activities end up being costly in the long run when the companies try to do themselves in-house. It is because they spend much time in implementation, R&D. As a result, these costs are passed on to customers. When a company tries to cut down on operational costs, service and products can be affordable for its customer making it more competitive for the competitors.

Implementation of the Latest Technology

As days pass, the technology today is outdated for tomorrow. Companies that are being smart goes for installing the latest technologies at its earlier stages. With the latest technology and training IT employees on the same consume months. The pros within the Managed IT Service Providers have ample skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure the smooth implementation of the technology saving time and money for the company.

Focus on Taking Care of Business 

It is vital for businesses to take proper care of their activities on a regular basis and not get distracted by complex IT problems or decisions. Managers some times lose their focus while trying to take care of a security breach or a hardware crash. Again, this will result in loss of money and most importantly time.

Reduce Business Risk

Every business is bound to a certain amount of risk as it is subjected to Government regulations, marketing conditions, technology changes, and potential competitors. When a company can outsource, it can achieve much lower risk and also manage it effectively with its industry-specific knowledge, with addition to compliance problems and security. Fixing all these types of problems may incur a lot of expenses, not just in fines but also with downtime. With the expertise of Managed IT Providers, major risk can be avoided.

Level the Playing Field of Business 

Most of the businesses running medium and small scale do not have resources to match the in-house IT services that bigger businesses posses. With the outsourcing of these services, businesses can level their playing field and provide competition to big businesses. This is because the economies of scale and affordable cost structure are achieved helping small and medium businesses to get that competitive edge they have been looking for.

Security and Compliance

Security is the major concern of any business today. If not taken care of properly, such businesses might lose huge money alongside reputation in case of a breach. Companies can get needed security with e-checks, credit cards, gift certificates, or via wire transfers. Managed IT Service providers being knowledgeable with compliance regulations can help secure the data for a company, minimize the risk with maintaining sensitive information along with client data and credit card information. They also make sure that the firewall is updated and a DMZ is installed.

24/7 Support 

Nowadays, many companies work 24×7 and the same applies to their networks. With Managed IT Service providers, help is readily available, at times of need including weekends and holidays. Companies are exclusive to support at all times. There are way too many benefits to partnering up with Managed IT Service providers these days, making it hard for any businesses to ignore. With the advancement in technologies, there are always potential opportunities mirrored with challenges. The multiple benefits of a Managed IT Services provider make it possible for businesses to overcome these challenges.

If you’d like to learn more about our company’s offering, contact Micronova, a Managed IT Service Provider by calling +91 8147090194 or email at

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