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Benefits of Data Centre Co-location

Benefits of data centre co-location

Co-location, also known as a “Colo” is the term used for leasing of space to house your physical servers and other network hardware from a specialized data centre service provider. By opting for such services, your company can gain various benefits such as on-site support, 24×7 server maintenance, uptime, and so on.

If your company still needs to figure out whether co-location is the right fit for your growing business, and still have no clue about the benefits it can bring to you. No more worries!

in this blog, you will uncover the benefits of Data Centre Co-location.

The Benefits of Data Centre Co-location

Server co-location saves money for organizations as it eliminates investments on infrastructure such as having their own facilities while companies can share facilities with other businesses. There is a significant cost reduction for such enterprises as they share the space and also enjoy additional benefits such as state-of-the-art facilities, redundancy, managed security, reduced power costs, better bandwidth speeds, and many more.

We have listed down the five major benefits that you can avail by partnering up with a co-location service provider.

Cost Savings

It doesn’t matter if your business is a small, medium, or on a  large scale, you can still save money on infrastructure investment and claim the added benefits that are bundled with co-location services.

Added benefits include state-of-the-art services with expertise to manage servers, upgraded security, experienced and skilled IT personnel, 24×7 surveillance, redundancy, and increased bandwidth, and many such. Not just investing in infrastructure, but to recruit human resources and to manage their own data centre involves a lot of costs.

Small businesses can gain maximum advantage and minimize their expenses to a great extent by utilizing the enormous, experienced, and expert department. Medium and large scale enterprises can extend their capacities without having to invest in leasing or constructing their own facility.

In simple words, unless your business activities require a large amount of space, the savings and the value a company realizes through colocation services will remain significant.

Redundancy/Reduced Downtime

Among the numerous financial benefits tied with co-location, perhaps, the most noteworthy one would be the reduced downtime. We all know that an outage can cost a lot to a company.

With a lot of resources such as better bandwidth, internet connectivity, power sources, cooling systems, security measures, 24×7 surveillance and more, co-location services reduce downtime and guarantee that hardware/equipment is working ideally, even in the case of a physical calamity.


Organizations need assurance that their data is being protected and checked every minute of every day. Colocation providers are noting the call for more tight and smarter security by employing stringent and much-advanced protocols in both physical infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Co-location service providers employ multi-layered protocols for physical security within the location. These service providers are usually situated at a strategic distance from their client’s place. With the on-site IT support team to monitor and control the security at every minute, they can reveal a breach in the security as soon as it is detected.

They also have other physical safety measures incorporated such as electronics access cards, access to specific vehicles, 24×7 surveillance camera, personnel monitoring, sensors to detect fire.

Cutting-edge cybersecurity protocols such as next-generation firewalls are offered along with managed IT services for backup and recovery, this guarantees the reclamation of both physical and virtual information if there should be an occurrence of catastrophe or misfortune. A data breach can negatively impact the reputation of a company, and that is exactly why a company should genuinely consider server co-location as it is the recovery plan in case of a company’s disaster.

Flexibility and Scalability

A growing company requires a ready plan for coping with expansion.

Small and medium-sized companies opt for co-location services way before the volume of their business information grows more than their existing resources. Co-location services allow companies to scale bandwidths at time of requirements. Also, they need to pay only for what they use. Spikes in data are proportioned over various clients to reduce the co-location cost for the businesses.

24/7 IT Support

Co-location data centres provide round the clock monitoring support including facility maintenance, monitoring, and reporting, troubleshooting, prevention from potential catastrophes such as system failures, a breach in the security, outages, and so on.

The on-site IT team can keep preventing minor incidents from becoming significant ones, all while ensuring the client’s IT budget and freeing up their IT team so that they can redirect their focus on serving other essentials of the enterprise.

Doing the change to a colocation service implies that your business can concentrate on revenue-generating ventures and improvements instead of dealing with an on-site data centre. During all these, you still have control over your own server.

The multiple benefits of a Co-location Data Centre have made multiple companies rely on such services as it helps in cost-reduction and provides valuable services to ensure seamless functioning of their business.

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