Internet Data Centre

It's all about interconnectivity, neutrality and traffic

Few Information About Our Datacenter

With all data centre features being internationally standardized, Data Centre services is more or less the same from one to another. There are many data centre services available, however interconnectivity, neutrality and traffic has made MicronovaDC stands out amongst other data centre facilities.

Micronova DC was established as an enabler for business community by providing a reliable, well networked and well managed carrier neutral Data Centre Infrastructure Services in Bangalore and its surrounding area, Karnataka.

Micronova DC operates a world class TIER III compliant data centre with most aggressive SLA to support your business growth.

Located in prime business location of Bangalore, our data centre is only 6 kilometers away from central business district and 20KM away from Bangalore International Airport. Engaged with global operation standard and procedures and facilitated with top notch data centre equipment to give maximum availability for customers to access their most mission critical assets.

Micronova DC has zero history of downtime since the first time it serves the market. This exceptional performance comes from solid experience from industry players with more than 20 years of experience in information technology, data centre services and infrastructure management.

Being the carrier neutral data centre in South Bangalore, Micronova DC is here to provide world class services, bringing you the peace of mind.


Secure your business operation in the most reliable data centre with global operating standard. Micronova DC colocation helps you safeguard your mission-critical data with operational excellence, standard compliance and physical security. We offer the most aggressive SLA of 99.99% uptime availability or equal to not more than 5 minutes downtime tolerance/year in our fault-tolerance data centre with two available options :



Cross connects are more than pieces of cable connecting servers. They are your means of directly connecting with business partners, content providers, internet service providers and carriers. At Micronova DC, we understand that connectivity is the most important engine for any IT environment. By cross connecting in the data centre, where all the networks you need to reach are under one roof, your networking will be faster and more reliable.

At Micronova DC, we understand the importance of keeping a smooth and continuous operation for the success of the business. Any interruption in operation represents potential losses in revenue and reputation. Need not to worry Micronova DC understands your needs during production monitoring and disaster recovery. We offer our units of working space services called Flexspace. These units are located in close proximity to our data centre to support 24-hour operation centres. Flexspace is designed for comfort and functionality. Users can share numerous Flexspace amenities, including meeting rooms, rest room and refreshment rooms.

We’ll be there when you can’t! Manage your business infrastructure and maximize operational uptime within the data centre by utilizing the remote Smart Hands service. Remote Smart Hands allows customers to manage/outsource their business operations and maximize uptime within the datacentre by utilizing Micronova DC’s technical resources. Remote Smart Hands provides a wide range of support, whether you require technical assistance within the data centre or from a remote location. Micronova DC is equipped to offer a full scope of services to be there when you can’t. The data centre technicians are trained to be the eyes and hands for management of your infrastructure. Our remote Smart Hands technicians are trained in the latest technologies and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Remote Smart Hands offers 24-hour access to qualified technical support – with Micronova DC, you can maintain your mission-critical operations and equipment under any circumstances.

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